Tunturilinjat Oy

Tunturilinjat knows the fells - this can be said with good reason. The company's long traditions go back to 1948. As a transport company in the Levi fell region, Tunturilinjat knows the seasonal and weather variations of the region and Lapland. 

Tunturilinjat plays a significant part as the developer and implementer of Kittilä Airport's ground transportation from the airport to Levi's fell center. With the strong growth of the Levi tourism center and the increasing traffic volumes of Kittilä Airport, the need for ground transportation capacity also increases. Tunturilinjat has accepted the challenge.

The modern transport equipment meets the expectations of even the most demanding traveler and responds with its efficiency in serving the number of passengers in peak seasons as well. With experienced drivers, transfers from the terminal to accommodation are handled comfortably and flexibly.

With the regular route service of the mountain lines, you can also get to know the scenery of the surrounding area and the life of the villages.

The Tunturilinjat  bus in the landscapes of Lapland


The Tunturilinjat  bus in the landscapes of Lapland
Tunturilinjat bus at the office
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